The two VP’s

I know it can be a bit confusing… there’s VaperPix and then there is… well, VaperPix. The difference is the camera in the logo. Let me explain.

This began as my small token of appreciation on Instagram. Taking photos of mods and e-juice and tagging the appropriate manufactures. I was sharing my passion for photography, passion for vaping and passion for giving back all at the same time… but something happened.

Drama and long story short, I got the push I needed to get going in the right direction. I believe that each of us has something in us, something we were given, that we are not intended to keep to ourselves. My creativity started as writing and when I stopped it later came out in photography where my stories were told visually rather than in written words. The creativity is not a talent so much as a gift and its something that can only be improved and grow if I share it.

Like many of you, I’ve lost family members to combustible cigarettes. This fight for our right to vape is very personal to me. Extremely personal.

One VP is VaperPix Photography LLC which not only photographs product or non-Advocacy themed/non-advocacy sponsored events for a fee, but also donates my photography fees and services to the very organizations that are fighting to help keep our vaping rights.

The other VP is VaperPix, our retail store, and it carries the text only version of the logo.

There will be a vacuum effect as stores close either from financial stress of trying to comply with, or out of fear of not being able to survive FDA Deeming regulations. We are already feeling it as small shops close and niche areas they served are vanishing. From the other side of the table, I can imagine vendors who are complying and investing in the process are finding themselves without these customers.

It is my dream to get the word out to companies that we are here and that we are only going to sell products that meet the sensible and responsible standards we, as advocates believe in. The packaging and labeling will be just as important as the juice. The products should be consistent, well known, American made (mods), with companies that stand behind their products, are involved in the advocacy and the community.

We are CASAA and SFATA members and the revenue from the store offsets my costs of donating photography to advocacy.

Its my goal that when it comes to Advocacy Photography I will be the one photographer everyone can rely on. They donate their time. They are volunteers. Why should they expect a photographer who vapes, who is also an advocate in her own right, to do any less. How can I charge a non-profit while at the same time chant “Fight for your rights. Support Advocacy!”. Its starts at home with me. I’m doing what I can with the gifts I have and the circumstances I’ve been given to hopefully continue to do this for a long time… because we are in for a long fight.