Let’s let the Vapers Pick…

Yes, I know, I can hear all of you groaning from here.  The play on our Photography name is kind of weak… okay, yeah, lame… but it fits…  Let me explain.

When we decided to add an additional revenue stream to the photography business by opening a store we already knew what we wanted to do. Even in these rather uncertain times we find ourselves in at the moment, we are extremely passionate about vaping and about helping as many people as we can. I’ve personally lost three members of my immediate family in nine years. 2005, 2006 and 2014 – all to cancer _ and now in 2016 my one remaining sister is facing COPD.

Our business plan is to concentrate on high quality American Made mods and uncompromising high quality premium juices. These mods and juices will be selected not only by their reputation but also by the team we’ve assembled to help select the freshest, hottest items on the market with the consistency and customer satisfaction to back up what they sell.

As current CASAA members, we are very advocacy oriented and want the companies we do business with to be just as committed to the fight. We will start will an online store to keep our overhead low and our ability to adjust to changes to the market and industry as fluid as possible. We will be carefully planning our next move – the transition to a Brick and Mortar location set up by the end of the year.

We have planned to ear-marked our first actual profits to pay our SFATA dues. We are investigating ways to donate a portion of any sales to the advocacy effort. I am currently donating I photography services to events benefiting advocacy and for individuals or advocacy groups such as SFATA and CASAA who are on the front lines.